Dead simple reminders

Simple reminders widget for Windows


Other Reminder apps:

  • Set your label
  • Go through minutes
  • Check AM, PM
  • Choose a day
  • Wade through options
  • Start the timer

With Pull the Rope

  • Pull the rope(literally)
  • You just created a reminder!

It takes seconds to create reminders. Try it out now!


👶Simple Drag-And-Start Interface

No more messing around with arbitary sliders, countdowns, inputs, etc. Just pull the rope and you're done.

⏲️Dynamic time scales

If you can't pull the rope long enough, press ctrl while pulling to set a longer timer duration.

🔁Snooze timers

Once a timer has triggered, you can snooze it for repeat reminders

And more

Edit reminders , Opens automatically on startup ..


Pulltherope is a reminders app focusing on simplicity and speed. The user interface is meant to be as snappy as possible.

Browse reminders like a todo list.

The app itself lives as a always-on widget on your screen. You can move it around or hide it using shortcuts. Features are added very sparingly because the core focus is on creating short reminders quickly. Because of this, it is serves a niche user base:

  • People who are on their laptops most of the day. Their phones are secondary.
  • They are usually on a single device. Because the world is moving to the WFH routine , a lot of people are making the switch to this model.
Works while you're gaming too.

There are heaps of minor interface details. Quickly pressing Alt+a twice will make the widget blink, dragging the widget around the screen will make it snap to certain viewpoints, there are minor visual aids while typing reminder labels.

All these details were built slowly over the last few months. The app itself is hyper focused on polishing existing features rather than adding new ones.


I created Pulltherope during the lockdowns of 2020 because there were no good reminders app for Windows. After building it, my focus switched to my other projects.

Months passed by and I saw that my retention on Pulltherope was the highest. I've been using this app every single day to log reminders, from kitchen timers to zoom meeting notes.

That's when I decided to push a few more updates. Because this is free, I can devote my time to my other projects. However, a Pro version is in the works which will add more themes and alarm sounds.

I hope you like this app as much as I do. Feel free to drop feedback here.


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