Dead simple reminders

For Windows. Mac support coming soon.

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Other Reminder apps:

  • Set your label
  • Go through minutes
  • Check AM, PM
  • Choose a day
  • Wade through options
  • Start the timer

With Pull the Rope

  • Pull the rope(literally)
  • You just created a reminder!

It takes seconds to create reminders. Try it out now!


👶Simple Drag-And-Start Interface

No more messing around with arbitary sliders, countdowns, inputs, etc. Just pull the rope and you're done.

⏲️Dynamic time scales

If you can't pull the rope long enough, press ctrl while pulling to set a longer timer duration.

🔁Repeatable Timers

Now you can snooze the timer for repeatable reminders.

And more

Touch input compatible , Opens automatically on startup ..
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